Springs Rugby is grateful for the generous support and help provided by our sponsors and partners. Without their support, it would be much more difficult to field teams for the game we love and our presence in the community would not be possible.
Dickson Law Group Colorado
Dickson Law Group, a full-service law firm in Colorado Springs, Colorado, pride themselves on the warm and compassionate approach they offer clients in working through the messy legal situations they encounter. They understand that life is complicated and that when someone comes seeking legal help and advice, it is normally the more complicated and messy things that happen in life that have caused you to seek legal help. They recognize that at those moments you need someone to understand not just what you are saying, but to be sensitive to the complexities and emotions of your unique situation.
Whether your issue is a family dispute, a simple will, a traffic violation, a felony charge, or the complexities of taking on government organizations (FDA, Association of American Feed Control Officials and the Colorado Department of Agriculture), Dickson Law Group approaches it with hands and hearts open, listening attentively, compassionately and acting with integrity and commitment to do whatever possible to provide the best legal solution to your circumstances.
Positive Outcomes LLC
Positive Outcomes believes in helping children, families and school districts instill hope through the effective use of evidenced-based treatments, fostering confidence by improving their ability to work together and among other service providers, and in training parents how to implement methods of intervention to achieve the quality of life they desire.
Positive Outcomes provides multiple therapeutic services that greatly expand their ability to individualize treatment for each client or family. More specifically, they offer ABA home/clinic therapy services, neurofeedback & QEEG, social skills therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy for children, individuals, families, and adolescents.  In addition, Positive Outcomes specializes in school-based consultation regarding the dissemination of evidenced-based practices through presentations, teacher/parent training, as well as ongoing technical assistance and support for teachers, itinerants, and administration.
Griffin Sells Homes
Griffin Sells Homes is a local full-service real estate team that provides value to clients, from the first-time home buyer to the seasoned real estate Investor.
Griffin Sells Homes offers a buyer’s rebate to any buyer purchasing a home. This rebate can be up to $3500.00 or more. Their goal is to give back so you can save thousands of dollars to be able to purchase the property that you desire.
Griffin Sells Homes’ listing services provide you the ability to make extra profit due to its low commission cost of $3500.00 or 1.5% plus cooperating broker fees.
Jack Quinns 
Jack Quinn’s Irish Alehouse and Pub is a nationally-recognized establishment located in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. One block from the Antlers Hilton Hotel, the pub is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. The restaurant offers a full menu of Irish fare and continental cuisine with a weekend brunch available from 11 AM to 3 PM. Banquet facilities offer great space for celebrations of every size. The pub includes two spacious floors of dining and bar service with authentic interiors imported from Ireland.
The Grizzlies have a long association with Jack Quinns – dating back many decades. In 2020, the pub continues to be the place for a raucous social after every game.
Storybook Brewing
The Storybook is located only a drop kick away from our home ground, Flanagan Park. In fact, you can catch the next rugby game with a Storybook beer in hand by watching from their back deck.
The Storybook is a 15 barrel brew house, with all beers hand crafted with the freshest ingredients. Some of the more popular Storybook classics, include the porter and kölsch.
The Storybook is a proud local family business.