Springs Rugby is proud of its military association and acutely aware of the huge contribution serving men and women make towards our club. Currently approximately one third of all players are either serving or are veterans. 
We continue to welcome players from both Fort Carson and Peterson, regardless of whether they have played rugby before, and we promise a competitive rugby and a strong social environment. 
According to men’s division three flanker Maui Yandall (pictured left), the Grizzlies men’s team brings a feeling of comradery similar to the army. 
“The Grizzlies as a rugby club, definitely feels like a big family. Everyone is very welcoming, I always recommend other military players to join the club,” explained Maui. 
“The Grizzlies have a great core group of local veterans, guys who have been with the club for a long time and hold the club together in terms of club values and traditions.  
“It is also a very competitive club when it comes to making the division three side and I think that’s very important because it makes everyone better.”
Maui is a Sargent stationed at Fort Carson.